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Best way to get a Job in Proper way with Proof in 2021

To get a deam job is not a simple deal at that time. You are seeing everywhere the competition is very tough and getting a job is also a full-time job. When you go ahead so I guaranteed that you will get all strategies and all ways to get an opportunity. So I would like to say to you to find a post, not a simple task. It’s a very difficult task and I will share with you some method which is doing easy to you this task so follow them.

Most important things to get a job:

The main important thing to get an opportunity to reach the interviewer or H.R. table for the interview. That is enough after that H.R.takes interview and he selects you or rejects you. But in this process, so many student or candidates lost their so much money and so much time, they could not get good results.But today I am going to thought to you some best way which used you will definitely get good results.

most important things to get a job
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Way to get a job:

 There are two ways to get an opportunity which both I will tell you one by one so let’s start-

1: Offline way

2: Online way

Offline way to get a job:

offline and online both ways are used for searching for a job but at that time offline ways do not prefer the maximum people. the offline way doesn’t prefer just because of its time consuming and money consuming and more effort is need this way. In this way how we are using, there are given below –

1: Through the direct referral-

A direct referral is one of the most popular ways used for recruitment by employers, in this way we are getting a job by asking friends and family, in this way you get the advantage of your relatives and extract the industries competition.

2:Direct company visit-

Most of the candidates are using this method to get an opportunity. They will go to company to company and submit their resume, they think that if they go to the company and ask for the opportunity so he will get a job but that is not reality by using this they waste their money and time, yes sometimes may they get a good result but most of the cases they will be disappointed. this way does not more effective to get a job.

Online ways to get a job:

Today we are living in a digital world so to get an opportunity we are using an online way this way is very effective, time-saving, and gets a good result. But remember these things job searching is like a job.use is given below point to searching for an opportunity-

online way to get a job
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1: Company career page-

It’s one of the most popular ways to get a job. In this way, you go to the company career page and apply directly. As simply go to google and type the company name and go to his career page. Every company has a career page.

2: Join the Facebook group-

It’s another powerful method to search for a job and get it. in this way we are going to Facebook and join our career-related group if you did or doing any course, for example, you have done civil engineering so you simply go to Facebook and search in the search bar ‘ job civil engineering’. After that join group.many group members are post opportunity in that group.

3: Use an online portal(naukri.com, indeed.com, etc)-

This is another way to get an opportunity. so simply we are going to this job portal online like naukri.com and search job according to your profile and go to apply.after apply you will get more interview calls. you just need to remember these things don’t pay money for any job.

4: Job agency or consultancy:

Some times we go to the agency or consultancy to get a good job. I again say that you do not pay any money for it. Sometimes it is asking for some money per don’t pay any money. Any best consultant doesn’t ask for money for you.

job agency or consultancy
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5: Direct call on company number-

It is a way to get a job. so simply go to the google and type search bar company name and enter. After that, you will see many phone numbers. dial this number and ask for the vacancy, sometimes these number is correct but some times it’s not okay. These methods do not more preferable.

6: Through the use of LinkedIn

Linkedin is today one of the most powerful weapons. In today’s life for searching for an opportunity, LinkedIn is playing the most important role. we can get a job through LinkedIn very easily if we are using it the correct way. follow the way-

get a job through linkedin
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LinkedIn groups-

we get a job through LinkedIn simply join the LinkedIn job post group. same as the Facebook group.these group post job is daily basis so simply go and apply it.

Search company name-

at these options simply log in to your LinkedIn profile. After that go to the search bar and simply search your dream company name and search. After did this all apply for a job and set a notification.

Tab on search bar-

This is another way to get a job on Linkedin. The use of this way is simple.

simply go to your LinkedIn account and tap on the search bar on the top of the LinkedIn profile. After taping you will see the ‘JOB’ option and simply apply the job. If you want so you can create a filter.

Search through the recruiter or H.R. name-

At these options simply log in to your LinkedIn profile. After that go to the search bar and simply search recruiter and H.R. name and search. After did this all simply send a request and connect him.

I have explained all point which is important to get a job. And believe me, friend, if you apply it and use it to get a post in the company whole heartily so I guarantee you will search for a place easily. friends nothing is easy but if you do hard work with proper planning so you will get a good result.


Both ways are used to getting a post in company-offline or online. But friends if you should go on online according to me. By the use of these, you will get amazing results in searching for a job. So read the point and choose who is perfect for you. According to me, you should go on a LinkedIn way because it is more reachable and effective.

“do hard work along right way”







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