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Best strategies to earn money from Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce sites in India. Flipkart was established in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. On this website, you can buy and promote many types of products in different categories. Flipkart started his affiliate program for earn money.

Flipkart has a lot of products in different categories.  So if you join an Affiliate program and want to promote a product for earning money so this is a complete guide for you. if you are ready to start becoming a journey beginner to advance.

What is affiliate marketing and affiliate programs:

Affiliate marketing is one of the latest and trending methods that are used to make a lot of money. Simply affiliate marketing is defined to promote someone else company product by an affiliate link.

When someone by-product through those links so you will get a certain percent or amount of commission. This process is called affiliate marketing.

Many companies start his affiliate program for increasing his sells and provides an opportunity to earn money.

Flipkart Affiliate Program:

As I say what is the affiliate and affiliate program Now we will talk all about the Flipkart affiliate program. So as we all know Flipkart does not need an introduction.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing refers to the process of earning a commission through the promotion and selling of different products available on Flipkart.

Flipkart affiliate provides everything to promote from baby to beauty and fashion to electronics. so you do not need to buy and sell any product.

You just work on the Flipkart affiliate program for only earn money from it. If you have a good amount of traffic so you earn money quickly and easy way.

There are so many affiliate programs running in India for providing a great opportunity to earn money. Like eBay. Amazon and Flipkart affiliate is one of them.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission ranges from 1%-15% of the product’s price. To know more about the commission percentage for each product category, you can go here.

If you want to earn money in really so read this article carefully and after that join an affiliate program to promote their product and start earning money.

Why  should you join Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India:

There are so many reasons to choose the Flipkart affiliate program in India the main reason is Flipkart trust. Yes, not every but most of the peoples is know about Flipkart. am I right?

Nitin Mathur, Co-founder and Business Head at 91 Mobiles said, “Flipkart runs one of the best affiliate programs in India. They have a wide range of products to promote, and the tracking is accurate, the fee is competitive and always paid on time. The account managers are very professional as well, and give prompt support when required.”

Some other helpful reason to join affiliate of Flipkart for you :

If you want to start to earn money in affiliate marketing and do you have any confusion so these points clear you all doubts about Flipkart affiliate marketing. Let’s begin

1) Flipkart planning-

Planning is most important to every business or idea. So in early-stage Flipkart Plan in everything in the perfect way and start his affiliate program. They developed his internal technology


This means Flipkart has a much better understanding and control of the publisher’s requirements and mains things of Flipkart they are very supportable. That’s very interesting for you.

2)Huge collection of product-

Flipkart no need for the introduction in India and This main region is a huge collection of traffic.flipkart have lot of product that’s why every person goes and buy so many products.

Due to this point, Flipkart gain lots of trust. This encourages a lot of people to visit the website, thus gaining traffic for other affiliated sites and portals.

Due to the huge variety of products people are very satisfied and earn a lot of money. It constantly encourages affiliates to drive.

3) Conversion rate –

Due to the huge variety of products and people’s trust.the conversion rate of affiliates very high.Because every man and every individual has known about affiliate.

Every person is satisfied with the service of Flipkart. That’s why reason the conversion rate of Flipkart affiliate products is very high and this encourages the peoples to earn money more.

For building trust and increasing more conversion rate Flipkart organizes many types of launches for exclusive product launches every year. There is always more revenue and more leads to develop within Flipkart.

4) Crystal and clear Report –

Flipkart provides you a crystal clear report of his every product and commission. These reports are necessary to maintain the trust of customers and track the activity of your links.

They also help in knowing about the performance and conversion rate of the product. So this is encouraging peoples to convert more sales.

5) Essential affiliate tool –

Flipkart helps every individual Flipkart have a wide range of products as well as essential tools for the affiliate. So it will provide every essential tool which is necessary for Flipkart affiliate marketing.

These range from simple banners and widgets to APIs. APIs exist to list Flipkart Deals/ app/ products of your site.

6) Flipkart affiliate commission rate –

Flipkart provides every essential data to his affiliation. so Flipkart commission rate is maximum is Around 12% and minimum rate of commission is 2%.

Mandatory requirements for Flipkart affiliate program –There are some things that are a very essential requirement for the Flipkart affiliate program. First, we need a website and second is a pan card and bank account,

Second is your withdrawal bases –

  • You must have an address proof
  • Other things are your bank account

How does Flipkart affiliate work –

If you are interested in t refer to the product and service to the people because if you feel shame in this work so this work does not for you. Are you ready for this? I am always with you.

Affiliate marketing has a simple rule you join the Flipkart affiliate program and refer the product and services according to your need through a referral link.

People simply click on the link and buy the product. when people buy products you will get a certain amount of commission in your bank account.

This process is very beneficial when you connected your blog or website. simply you write content on your website and add the value in people’s life and place your affiliate link on your website.

Read this:[Proven]How to do affiliate marketing through email List in best way?

Peoples will buy products directly by your link.and you will generate a lot of revenue.

How to Get Started with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program –

You know very well first you need a website so building a perfect website you need to follow these steps-

  • Buy a domain name and hosting according to your need
  • You build a website on  WordPress or HTML.
  • Install WordPress on your hosting
  • Set up your website beautifully.

When you set up a website then you need to go ahead and follow these important steps-

  1. Choose a niche for promoting a product.
  2. Create an account on Flipkart affiliate
  3. Choose the product to promote
  4. Write a quality post on those products and post on your blog or website
  5. Create an affiliate link of the product to promote
  6. Promote your post
  7. Generate revenue

Now we are taught to each and every one in detail for a better understanding of you. So are you ready to become a pro affiliate marketer and earn more money?

1) Choose a niche for promoting a product –

If you start your affiliate marketing career so first, you need to choose your niche. Niche means which topic you have interest and knowledge.

Because these points are very important.you have seen many peoples who do not choose a particular area of interest they do not succeed in this field.

They post something new in every day if today they post health-related products and tomorrow they will post on electronics-related products. so you do not do this.

If you are finding it hard to choose a niche, just answer the following questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What topic would you enjoy teaching others?
  • On what topic do you already possess some knowledge?

When you answer all these questions, you will automatically arrive at your suitable niche. Further, if you want to explore different products that will go with your niche, you can open the Flipkart website and decide.

2) Create an account on Flipkart affiliate –

After selecting your niche then after you have to create an account on Flipkart affiliate.so create an account on Flipkart follow these steps and set up your account-

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  • For creating your Flipkart affiliate account, you just go to the Flipkart affiliate page and looking for the registration form.
  • After that filling up the registration form, you just need to enter your email id and mobile number. Each of these fields will be verified by an OTP.
  • First, fill in your email id, then select ‘Generate Email OTP.’ You will receive a one-time password on your give email id. Enter this OTP in the Email OTP field.
  •  After the registration is complete, it is now time to customize your Flipkart affiliate tracking id. Each tracking id is unique and is used to measure the sales provided by a particular affiliate partner.
  • As mentioned, tracking id needs to be unique. Therefore, you need to check the availability for your choice of tracking id.

3)  Choose the product to promote –

After creating your affiliate marketing account now you need to find and choose your product for promote because if you do not have any product so which one you will promoting.

  • First, select your niche and choose your product to choose which one solver your problem.
  • You must trust those products and you believe in those products that solve other problems.
  • You must have enough knowledge about those products.

4) Write a quality post on those products and post on your blog or website –

First, you need to write high-quality posts for your blog if you want to rank on google and getting success in Flipkart affiliate marketing. One thing always remembers so many people believe in quantity.

If you want to get success in your affiliate journey so do not go for quantity always go for the quality. You no need to post an article on daily bases.

You post a post within a week but this post has everything related to that topic. In this article, you must cover all solutions related to that problem.

Blog posts that provide some value to the audience work the most. Therefore, you must have to give good tips, reviews, and recommendations in your posts. 

There are many blog posts out there. Therefore, you need to offer more value to your audience and stand apart from your competition. This will enable you to build trust with your audience.

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 On another hand according to your post google SEO, you need to write at least 2000 words of blogs. Good ranking means high traffic, and high traffic translates to more sales.

Before starting a blog post, do the following:

  1. Look what the competitors are doing
  2. Conduct a thorough keyword research
  3. Find high volume keywords
  4. Get good images relevant to your content

5) Create an affiliate link of the product to promote –

Affiliate links can be created on the Flipkart dashboard. Just go to the product page you wish to promote and copy its URLNow, paste the URL into the Affiliate link generator tool. Select ‘Go,’ and this will generate your affiliate link.

The affiliate links should be placed on your blogs or videos to promote a particular product. Below the affiliate link generator, you will also find the affiliate link to promote the installation of the Flipkart app.

The Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission is earned through this link will fall under direct installation.

Flipkart also offers other tools for the promotion of its products. These tools can easily be used on your website. Some of them are Bookmarklet widget, Push content widget, Promotional widgets, Promotional banners, and Product banners.

Affiliate links can be created on the Flipkart dashboard. Just go to the product page you wish to promote and copy its URLNow, paste the URL into the Affiliate link generator tool. Select ‘Go,’ and this will generate your affiliate link.

The affiliate links should be placed on your blogs or videos to promote a particular product. Below the affiliate link generator, you will also find the affiliate link to promote the installation of the Flipkart app.

The Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission is earned through this link will fall under direct installation.

Flipkart also offers other tools for the promotion of its products. These tools can easily be used on your website. Some of them are Bookmarklet widget, Push content widget, Promotional widgets, Promotional banners, and Product banners.

(i) Bookmarklet widget

This feature is very useful in these features you can add a widget on your blog without a post a link and drag on your browser.

(ii) Push Content Widget

With the using these features Flipkart pushes your content5 automatically. Flipkart show adds on your sidebar automatically and help to push your content.

(iii) Promotional Widgets

This feature generates codes automatically on your blog. Push content, Bestseller, Featured deals, Search widget, Search bar, and Related products are the 6 kinds of promotional widgets.

(iv) Promotional Banners

It is the static banners of Flipkart sections to help that receive high traffic, namely Deal of the day, E-Gift vouchers, app install, etc.

(v) Banners of product

It will very helpful to generates to the banner of any product automatically on your post. Simply choose your product and automatically generate your product banner.

6) Promote your post –

If you have done here axcectly so that is not enough for you because blog writing your work done approx 70% but that’s not enough for your Flipkart affiliate marketing journey.

Now go ahead and you have to promote your blog post to get more traffic and generate more revenue. So there is some method to promote your blog post so apply this according to your need and effort

  • Organic method and second
  • Paid method

Organic method :

In this way, you get the traffic your blog without pay a single way. you get traffic on your website in an organic way. Some of the organic ways is given below –

  1. Search engine optimization(SEO)
  2. Youtube channel
  3. Answer on the quora
  4. Sharing on social media
  5. Joining the social media community group
1 -Search engine optimization(SEO)

Write your article SEO friendly. It will help for rank on google and people will find your article easily. And increase your website traffic.

2 -Youtube channel

If you have a youtube channel so you can easily drive the traffic on your blog post. Only you make a video and attach the link of your blog in the youtube description box.

3 -Answer on the Quora

Quora is a very popular site. people are posting their problems and question.l you just go and solve people’s problems and drive traffic on your blog.

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4 -Sharing on social media

If you write a quality post so you must share on your every social media platform. using this method you can easily drive traffic on your blog post.

5 -Joining the social media community group

You just go and search your niche related group and join those groups. after joining the group share your blog post and increase your blog post.

Paid method-

I have seen some organic methods to increase your blog post traffic to affiliate marketing. Now we will learn about the paid method. In the paid method, we pay money for an increase in our website traffic.

Tips to increase your Income from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing 

(i)Right decision at the right time so you need to choose the right product to promote.

(ii) You should enough knowledge of the product which you want to promote so you should try to pick the products that are fully relevant to the content of your site

(iii) If you want to earn through the Adsense and affiliate so opting firsFlipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India, it is important that you choose the right type of ads. For instance, if you choose Banners, then it will perform better than links and buttons

(iv) it is also important to experiment with the location of the ad. as this will help you in finding the best-suited Click through Rate

(v) The key to the success with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is not being self-satisfied, as this can impede you from trying new things as per the market trends. You should always try to increase the traffic of your site to optimize the performance and conversions of your Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India

(vi)Patience is most important so if you have patience and you believe in long term success. You are not going to be a millionaire overnight, so you need to be persistent and well updated

My view and conclusion –

Flipkart affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ventures out there.

People who have joined hands with Flipkart in business have never been disappointed. With some of the enormous traffic in the nation, this site is the perfect partner to have.

However, you have to give it some time before seeing some results. Initially, a lot of hard work, patience, and time would be required from your end. After some time, you can make a substantial amount through the affiliate program.

Anyone who is familiar with the e-commerce space knows the importance of the Flipkart affiliate marketing program in India.

Although some people aren’t sure of how the process works.

In this case, it is best to do your research. In the article above, we have provided you with all the information that you need for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing.

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