How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram
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How to do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram in a best way

today we will talk about how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram in free or Paid because somebody doesn’t have money but want to do Affiliate marketing.

So do not worry about that if you do not have money to run paid campaign so you can start with the free method and after that when you earn money by the free method so you can invest in the Paid ads

and generate more revenue because without run paid ads you can not scale your Affiliate marketing Business at the extreme level.

So don’t worry about that how you can start Affiliate marketing on Instagram is free. So First of all you need to Understand what is Affiliate marketing and how it works.

Because without got this topic you can not do this Business in a proper way and till when you do not understand the proper concept of the all Affiliate marketing System you can not earn money through the affiliate marketing.

What is the Affiliate Marketing-

Before understanding how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram you need to understand that that is What is affiliate marketing so if you want to know about what is Affiliate marketing and how you can join any affiliate program in Scratch to Advance level

so for that, you can read this article to click here and learn about it in detail.

Now I want to ask you in the Affiliate Marketing Business You promote someone Else company product to the Audience and after selling of these products you will get some amount of commission.

So There are too many Plateform where you start Affiliate marketing and earn money there are

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Blogging
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. etc.

SO you can choose any Platform and start Affiliate marketing.

Most common Affiliate marketing Program-

Now you need to Join any affiliate Program and pick up a product to Promote so there are a lot of Affiliate Marketing programs. There are some is-

  1. Clickbank
  2. jvzoo
  3. Digistore
  4. Amazon Affiliate
  5. Etc.

Instead of these affiliate programs, there are too many affiliate programs are running in the Affiliate marketing Industry so you can join one of them and select a product.

How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram-

Now we will talk about How you can start Affiliate marketing 1ourney on Instagram and Earn Money so At first you Start your Affiliate marketing career on Instagram you need to create a Business profile on Instagram

Because without any Instagram Profile You can not do Affiliate marketing on Instagram So first of all Create a Profile on Instagram.

I hope You have an Instagram Profile or If you do not have an Instagram Profile so first of all create it.

Way to Start Affiliate marketing on Instagram-

Now we will talk about the way to how you can start Affiliate marketing on Instagram so there are two ways to start affiliate marketing on Instagram is the First one is the Organic way or Free method and the second one is the Inorganic way or Paid way.

Organic way or Free method-

In this method you no need to spend a single dollar here you do everything I freeway but in this way, you need to spend your time.

And you know very well that the reach of Organic way of all platform is the very bed so that’s why I said that you can not Scale your Income in the proper way.

But In the Beginning, if you don’t have money so never make Excuses to start an affiliate marketing journey you can start on the freeway, and after when you start earning money so you can spend money on the paid method.

Inorganic way or Paid way-

Now let’s talk about the Inorganic way or Paid way so in this way you spend money on Instagram ads and then you will get a sell of your affiliate product and earn a commission.

In this Method although you pay the money you get the result very fast and simontenoustly when you will increase your ads budget then your sell will be automatically increased.

How to Start affiliate marketing on Instagram in Free –

So now I will start the process of how you can start Affiliate marketing for free on Instagram so for this follow my given below step and execute them-

Make a Business Instagram page-

So at first, I said to you to create an Instagram business page, you can do affiliate marketing by the normal profile but a business profile creates a better impression to your audience.

So for better results, my personal suggestions do you always go for the Professional profile. I hope you know how to design an Instagram page.

And you don’t know how you can create an Instagram page so you can click here and read the full process to create an Instagram page.

So now we go ahead with the process of how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram step by step so please follow them step by step.

Choose an Affiliate program and Create there an Account-

So I have suggested to there are a lot of affiliate programs and join it. Clickbank1 is my one of the favorite Affiliate Program.

And the joining Process is very simple Although you can join any other affiliate program and start promoting their product.

Choose the Best Affiliate Product to Promote-

Now you need to choose a High converting Product and How you can choose You can simply go to the Affiliate program and login them after that Select the Market place.

  • After clicking on the marketplace, you need to choose the Best category according to your Knowledge and Interest.

How to start Affiliate marketing on instagram
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  • Click on the filter and Select Gravity and click on the Search option
  • After that, you will see too many product lists pick one of them, and start promoting.


Get your Affiliate Link-

When you select a Product so you need to create Your affiliate link that’s why after that you share this link and get a commission of your every sale.

How to start Affiliate marketing on instagram
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So getting your affiliate link click on the Promote Option and generate your Hope link and copy this link.

Create A High Converting Landing Page-

Now for doing Affiliate marketing on Instagram you need a Bridge page to Promoting Your Product. Because you can not Promote Your Affiliate link on Instagram.

Because Sometimes Instagram Allows that but Sometimes Instagram Completely bans your Affiliate link so If You have a landing page you never Instagram ban you.

SO for Creating a High Converting Free landing page so I have written a complete Post in detail so Click here and Read this.

Read this:[Proven]How to do affiliate marketing through email List in best way

 The process to how to start affiliate marketing on Instagram in Free-

Now Everything ok to promote your product and let’s come to Instagram and Design your Bio for the best result because when someone Comes to your Bio so they will be Impressed by your Bio and after that in the Website link section You paste your landing page link.

how to earn by Affiliate marketing through Instagram
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Start Daily post on Instagram-

Now you need to Aware of the people on your Affiliate Page and convert sales. SO start Post on your Instagram account and add the value of Peoples life.

  • Follow peoples and Like their Posts and comment on those posts.
  • massage then and Build a strong relationship.
  • and after doing this you will see after some time you convert sales and start earning on Instagram.

Best Tips For Start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram in free-

  1. the first tips are to Start Post on a daily bases
  2. Don’t start Your Affiliate link on Instagram at least until you will gain at least 250 followers.
  3. Always creating a valuable post for your audience.
  4. Always try to interact with your audience.
  5. Choose always Low Price product in Instagram free method Because if you choose high costly product so people do not interested to buy those products.

My Final Thought-

I hope you got my point about How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram and also you know very well about the How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram.

So if you all doubt clear about the How to start your affiliate marketing journey on Instagram and earn money through Instagram by Affiliate marketing for free.

If you also have any doubt or suggestions about How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram so comment below.

And if you liked this post so please share this post with your friends and family and I am very thankful to you for reading this post.

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