how to start affiliate marketing on facebook
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Best and Free Way To Start Affiliate Marketing with the help of Facebook

Hello, friends today we will talk about the How you can start your Affiliate marketing journey on Facebook. How you can get the potential traffic to your Affiliate product page and generate more sales and more revenue.

Everyone knows what is Facebook and also what is the potential of Facebook if talk about the Facebook Audience During the fourth quarter of 2020, Facebook reported almost 1.85 billion daily active users (DAU). Overall, daily active users accounted for 66 percent of monthly active users.

With roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. So this states shows that is what is the potential of Facebook.

And if you master Facebook so you perform very well and get lots of traffic on your Facebook offer and earn more and more money by the use of Facebook social media platform.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook-

Now we come to the main points and start talking about it So before start Affiliate marketing at first you need to understand some fundamentals which are very helpful to your Affiliate , marketing journey on Facebook.

Because Facebook is very strict about its policy and rules if you think to do Affiliate marketing through the paid ads so don’t think about any illegal way or illegal activity in your mind.

If you start doing this on Facebook so Facebook immediately bans your ad manager or ads account so be careful if you think to start affiliate marketing through paid ads on Facebook and some more important information is given below.

Some important points you need to know before start Affiliate marketing on Facebook-

Now let’s talk about some important points which are very helpful to you for starting Affiliate marketing on Facebook

The first point does not to do any illegal activity on Facebook otherwise Facebook terminates you immediately.

The account is that if you are thinking to start Affiliate marketing on Facebook by paid ads so you need patience because when you start then you will never get results immediately you need some patience and after some time when the Facebook ads optimized then you will get an amazing result.

If you start Affiliate marketing through the free method on Facebook so also you need also patience and try new strategies.

When you start Affiliate marketing on Facebook by paid ads so you can not promote directly affiliate links on Facebook ads There you need a Bridge page or landing page.

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After creating a landing page you need to add a Privacy policy and disclaimer page on your landing page and then start Affiliate marketing on Facebook.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Facebook Affiliate Marketing-

Now here I will guide you on how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook so light your belt and hold your set and lean every step very carefully because what will you learn today this is my personal and practical Knowledge.

And my Suggestion to you as a best Friend after learning this Implement because without implement Knowledge is weste.

And I guaranteed you when you implement this so you will definitely get amazing results. Let’s start the topic.

Step:1.Choose a Affiliate Program and Perfect product-

At first you Choose a good affiliate marketing Program and A good Produt and So many peoples always do this mistake they start to design a facebook page without choosing a Produt or Affiliate marketing program but never do this mistake because when you select a product so you will able to design a perfect facebook page.

If you will not do this so you will design a different perception base page and after choose a differnt product and both thing would not match each other and you will faced many diffulties.

So there are many Affiliate program that you can choose and after that you can chooose a best product to your need. Some is

  1. Clickbank
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Digistore24/7
  4. Amazon affilate
  5. Flipkart Affiliate
  6. Shareasale
  7. Cj Affiliate
  8. cruelink
  9. Vcommision
  10. Etc

So you can choose one and start to promoting product.


Step:2.Design a Facebook Page-

You now start Affiliate marketing on Facebook so you just need a Facebook page because if you want to start affiliate marketing on Facebook so that is compulsory because without a Facebook page you can never do Affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Especially If you want to use Paid Facebook ads so you just need a Facebook Page and also in the free method. In the free method, you can use Your Facebook personal profile but this is not sound good or professional.

So my recommendation to you start your free or paid marketing on Facebook so always start with a Facebook page And that is not a big deal you can create a Facebook page very easily.

Step:3.Start to Post In Facebook Page-

Now then you need to Post on your facebook page Either you doing paid marketing or Free you always know that is you do not start your product promotion At Immedietly creating the facebook page.

You wait some time and Create some amazing post for your facebook page and after that post it on your facebook page.

Moat of the peoples always do this mistakes they start promoting the product immediately after crating the facebook page.

So that’s why Facebook think that this comes here for only promoting here to their product so never do this. At the starting point you wait sometime and after that start to promotion.

Step 4: Engagement With Your Audience – Then Promote

You also remember this that is you never start promoting their product with the first product. Most of the peoples doing this mistakes and also when i started my affiliate marketing journey so i used to do this mistake

But afte rsome time I relised at the my point of view if somebody come infrot of me and start to sell someting me at the first time so 99% cases i will not interested to buy his because I never meet him before that.

So i have not trust him so you never do this mistake you always follow the 80% and 20% rule. 80:20 Rule is your 80% post for only Information and education and Your 20% post is your promoting post.

Always follow these rule you Will Get amazing result.

Step:5. Use Facebook Ads

As i said to you we can do Affiliate marketing on facebook by free method as well we can use the facebook ads. So if want to do affiliate marketing by free method so you can use above tips and steps.

But if you want to promote product by facebook ads so here you need to invest some money for facebook advertisement.

how to start facebook advertisement
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In this method you need to create a facebook campgin and after that facebook shows your ads on the facebook plateform. I hope you are getting the answer of how to start affiliate marketing on facebook.

But here I am suggest you a best tips when you using the facebook ads then you must have some patcience because faceboook ads takes some time for optimization.

Facebook ads never gives you result immmedietly after ads optimization it gives you amazing result so do not go with faceboook ads when you dont have enough budget.

Tips for Promoting Your Affiliate Links on Facebook

1.First tips is never go with facebook ads with small budget becase it takes time to optimization and in this time period you need a budget.

2.Next tips is always used a landing page during to use facebook ads for affiliate marketing.

3.Always use Privacy policy and disclaimer page in the landing page.

Final Thought 

I hope you got how to start affiliate marketing on facebook and here I will explained everything about the facebook free Affiliate marketing or facebook paid ads.

And my personal experience is if you implement these all method and tips so your all doubt related to how to start affiliate marketing on facebook is removed for always.

So do not learn these article is enough here whatever i told you implement right now for better result and if you have any doubt related to how to start affiliate marketing on facebook so comment below.

And if you injoy how to start affiliate marketing on facebook article so please share this article with needy person thats why these infomomation spread eveywhere.

And I am very thankfull to you for read this article.

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