How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website
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Best way to start Affiliate Marketing Without any Website

If you want to earn lots of money at this time online so when you see around of you then you will see so many options and earn money online and Affiliate marketing is one of them to make money online at this time.

And the best part of affiliate marketing is here you no need to spend lots of money to start your work in fact if you do not have money then you can start to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The only things you will have to need that is your determination and your patience and I would like to say some about online earning or Affiliate marketing so if you want to succeed in Affiliate marketing so at first, you need lots of patience.

SO if you have Patience so you will be successful in one day in Affiliate marketing as well as any profession what you would like or you want to be in your life.

And the second thing is Continuous learning and his learning execution because without execution is everything is meaningless.

And if you choose Affiliate marketing so then the biggest and most challenging question that will come to your mind that is the website.

For doing affiliate marketing you need a website but that is not true that is you can not do Affiliate marketing without a website. You can Absolutely do Affiliate marketing but if you have a website so you will get extra benefits to generate sales.

But is not perfect to ask somebody who can not do Affiliate marketing without a Website. So if you have any confusion related to is you need a website in Affiliate marketing and How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website.

How can you start an Affiliate marketing Business without a website and earn lots of money without a website and at the end I will tell you the best best way to dong Affiliate marketing without a website.

So if you are interested to know about this topic so read this article the and I am 100% sure if you read this article till the end without miss a single word so your confusion about How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website is removed for always.

So without any further due let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing-

I hope You knew about this but still, I will give you a small introduction about this so Affiliate marketing is that there you can promote someone else company product and after generating sales you will get some amount of commission.

That commission will vary from company to company and Product to Product.

Whats Things do you need to become an Affiliate Marketer-

N we will talk about if you want a successful Affiliate marketer so you need some instrument which will help to you in your Affiliate marketing journey.

So now we will discuss one by one in detail because if you will know this all in detail so you will prepare for you your Affiliate marketing journey.

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And Everyone knows planning is most important to become successful in any field so let it be all bad things and lets starts without further any do.

1-Identify Your Object-

At first, before you start your affiliate marketing journey you just need to identify your primary object. The primary object is What do you have and What will you deliver to your audience.

And What type of offer You create that’s will help you for generating sales. So that is all Planning is called is Primary Objective so at First decide your primary objective.

2. Find A perfect product-

Now you need to choose a product to promote because if you do not have a product or service so what will you promote so chose a product.

There are lots of Affiliate network where you can choose a product to promote Some there is –




⇒Amazon Affiliate


3. Define Your Audience-

Now go ahead and come to the Next important point that is to Define your Targeted Audience. The perfect defining audience is very important to any business and Affiliate marketing is a business.

So after Choose a perfect product or service you figure out your audience. Audience means you have a product or service and which peoples will buying this product.

let us get this by an example so you have a joint pain killer so in the maximum cases, this joint pain killer medicine is need of around 50 to above-aged peoples.

So this is your Targeted Audience. Now you figure out your targeted Audience according to your product or services.

4.Design A Perfect Landing Page-

Now if you have the Question of how to start affiliate marketing without website so You need the best landing page. Although if you have a website or not in both cases Landing page is important If you do not have website so The importance of Landing pages is more.

Because If You have a website so Your audience land on your website so your website generates trust bur without a website your landing page Everything to you and your sales.

For Design a perfect landing page You need a Landing page Builder. There are lots of Page Builders are dealing in the market.

That some Paid and the other hand some is free. You can use both but in some cases Free page builders not approved for Paid Advertising network.

But my personal Preference to you starts with Paid landing page builders.

Some best landing page builders are given below-

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Get Response
  3. Mailchimp
  4. Mailmunch
  5. etc.

How to start affiliate marketing without website-

Now we will talk about How you can start Affiliate marketing without a website so I have prepared to Start Affiliate marketing.

You can Create yours’re customize landing page Now to chose a way to start promoting your affiliate product or services.

Best Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website-

Now we will talk about the best way which you can choose to promote your affiliate marketing product or services.

1. PPC Marketing –

PPC marketing is one of the best and my favorite way to promoting Affiliate products or Affiliate marketing. I think these methods knew most of the peoples.

So in this way you can promote your product your affiliate product by the use of Google ads Network. In this method You Pay some amount to google and after that Google Advertise Your Product in his product or his Partner product.

And after that you will get sales and after-sales you will get a commission.

That is a very fast way to generate sales. And the PPC Ads are very different types and my personal recommendation to you if you want to generate fast sales so Chose Search network.

And in this method you do not need any website but my personal suggestion to you choose paid landing page builders because some time the free landing page not approved this.

2.Facebook Advertisement-

Now the Secount is to do Affiliate marketing without a website is a Facebook ad network. before that, you have seen about the PPC Ads

But in this case, you will advertise your product on Facebook. You will pay some Amount to Facebook and after that Facebook advertises your product on his platform.

And for Facebook Advertisement, you need a Facebook page for running ads and a landing page.

One more thing is that Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads but In Facebook ads, you will get the result after some time because Facebook ads take some time to optimize but after optimizing you will get an amazing result.

3.Youtube Channel-

Youtube channel is the very best way to do affiliate marketing without a website so if you find the best solution for how to start affiliate marketing without website so Youtube is the best way.

And the best part of youtube here you no need any landing page you can directly promote you affiliate offer But it takes much more time like first, you have to create your youtube channel and after that create your content and after that, you can start Affiliate marketing.

So if you have enough time to go for this method.


I knew that you know Pinterest but you do not aware of Pinterest’s potential. Especially if your target audience belongs to the USA or UK, CANADA so this is the best platform to do Affiliate marketing.

Simply Create an Account on it and start doing work on Pinterest right now.

5.Email Marketing-

Email marketing is the best way to collect data and after that Retargeting your Audience. In Email marketing, At first, you Collect Audience data.

And when you collect data and You do not get sold at that time so you got the audience data after that you send emails again and again and generate seals.

So if you do not use Email marketing so start today.

Final Thought-

I hope you got the answer to how to start affiliate marketing without website and Get the Success in your Affiliate marketing journey.

So if You got the answer to how to start affiliate marketing without  website so please share this article and if you have any doubt related to how to start affiliate marketing without  website so ask me in the comment box.

And if you have any suggestion for me related to how to start affiliate marketing without  website so also comment on me.

I am very thankful to you for reading this article. I hope you all doubt have been cleared.

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