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Nobody Knows this things about Linkedin

What is LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where everyone connected according to his need. It is an American company. This is founded on May 5, 2003. It is used to career building, brand building and shearing thought. This is used via the website and mobile app. It has been totally subsidiary of Microsoft. It has 690+ million active users over 150 countries in May 2020.

How to use LinkedIn:

Linkedin is a social network site. It is mainly used according to his niece. It means everyone like student professional entrepreneur marketer and many more people is they use LinkedIn according to his objective. Students and job seekers used for careers or jobs. Influencers are used for brand building, entrepreneurs, and business users for business generation. Marketers purpose for lead generation and getting traffic

Linkedin important features:

There are some basic features are on LinkedIn whose everyone necessary to know:

Home: This is the main page. Where you log in to a Linkedin account at this page you will see your connection post and your profile. It will say the landing page.

Notification: Here you will see you your all notification related to your connection. Here you will see who has like, comment, and accept your request everything is like as Facebook notification.

Job: In this section, you see how many jobs are matching your profile. You will see how many jobs are post related to your niece. According to your job selection, you have to set all the settings related to your profile job.

Massage: In this section, you see you all massage which you ever send or received

My network: The use of this section when you click this section you will see the connection for send request and whose accepted your request

Profile: It is section are basically are inside your ‘ME’ section. when you click on my section and after you see profile when you click your profile then you lend your profile feed where you will see everything about your profile.

Work: your home page right-hand side on top you will see the ‘WORK’ section when you will see this icon you will see many options like job posting and page creation and learning.

Main bar

Search bar: It is the very powerful features of LinkedIn. When you log in to the main account and see the search bar next to the LinkedIn logo. Believe me, this is a very powerful feature. When you click on the search bar you will filter many options like people, job content companies, etc.

LinkedIn main features images
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the secrets thing is the use of these features you will get a job according to your interest.

so these are some amazing main features you will see when you log in to your LinkedIn account. I hope you read carefully the above points and learn many more things about the main features. You can learn and go dipper some more specialized features by the practice of yourself.

Uses of LinkedIn:

Before you take advantage you have to find out to yourself why are you using it. What is your main motive are you use LinkedIn. Are you here to get your dream job. Are you a marketer and you want traffic for your LinkedIn profile. Other side are you an influencer and businessman and your main motive to generate revenue through your LinkedIn account. first of all, you need to find out what for you are coming for it, and then after you take the second step.

How do you use LinkedIn:

  1. customized your LinkedIn URL
  2. change your profile image with the proper size
  3. change your cover image
  4. add, remove and rearrange your profile section
  5. take advantage of LinkedIn andoursmenmt
  6. open your profile and send a connection request and massage them
  7. Share your thought to your connection
  8. give the value of your Linkedin family
  9. make the group and connect to more people
  10. do search engine optimization of your Linkedin profile
  11. make website and post on it to getting more traffic


Custom LinkedIn URL link: By the use of these features you can customize your Linkedin URL and you can design your accordingly just like to so use it and customize your link.

Change profile image: A strong profile image says everything about the whole profiles on the platform uses a professional image according to your motive in size of 400*400 pixels

Cover image: Cover image is saying about your whole profile and your industry so please change it according to your goal in the size of 1584*396 pixels

Text related modification

Add, remove, and rearrange your profile section: Go in your profile section and add and rearrange your profile, about, and complete any other section and build a strong LinkedIn profile.

Take advantage of your LinkedIn endorsement: That is a very amazing section of your Linkedin platform use of these features you endorse your profile according to your service and skill.

Send connection request: To achieve your motive and goal, first of all, you have to get traffic and for getting the more traffic you have to send the connection request so decide your motive and send connection according to your industry-related people.

Share your thought: for building your brand and achieve the goal you have to viral your profile which through you get more engagement to your profile so you have to be creative and share your creative thought on a LinkedIn post

Give the value of your audience: for more engagement you just have to provide the value of your connection. you don’t need to do anything because the content is king. when you provide the value of your connection so people would relate to your post and engage with you.

Make the group and make the new connection: for more engagement, you just have to find make a group and join more groups and absorb the people and learn from him and improve in your engagement.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile: You have to do everything to SEO your profile I already explain in my above text so follow them and optimize your profile.

Make a website for more engagement: for more engagement and make website and post content on it and mention on its URL by this you will get more benefit.


the whole things about LinkedIn, It is a very powerful weapon for students, marketers, and businessmen. everybody is come on these platforms and used it in the right direction don’t use it in the wrong direction.

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