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Pro Tricks to Earn money from Myntra affiliate program

As you know myntra is no need for an introduction.if you want to join myntra affiliate program and you find the right person to guide you. So that is the right place here I will answer your all question or problem so are you ready?

Myntra is one of the biggest e-commerce sites of the india.myntra have a huge variety of product. You get every product from beauty to fashion and body product to electronics.

The main aim of the myntra to provide a tension-free shipping product to his buyer.

Myntra affiliate program

Myntra provides a very good opportunity for Indian peoples to earn money online.Myntra affiliate program is the best affiliate program for Indian bloggers.

If you want to join this affiliate program and earn a lot of money through in this affiliate and confused about how to get started so do not worry about this.

In this article, I will share with you all the guides step by if you are interested so hold your set and tighten your belt. So without wasting your important time let get started.

Why you should join myntra affiliate program

There are some important reason to join the affiliate program of myntra  are given below so these steps clear your all doubt

1) Huge collection of product –

Everyone knows about myntra. Myntra is a big eCommerce site in India.Myntra have approximate every size and every category product. So most of the cases its full fil all problem

Do to this point every person trusts it and it encourages the people to earn more money and convert more sells. And gaining a lot of traffic on this site.

2) Myntra planning –

Mynta planning everything internally Because myntra knows planning is most important for every business. So myntra plan everything for his buyer and his affiliate marketer.

That means myntra is very supportable for his customer and that’s a very good thing for you.

3) High conversion rate –

Most of the people are know about myntra in India. My strongest belief that you are one of them. Am I right? So at this point peoples have trust in myntra.

So when people come to buy any product on myntra so conversion rate increased and that is very good for you. If you think to join affiliate of myntra.

4) Myntra crystal clear report –

It is a big reason to join myntra.Myntra have clear and crystal report to every person.yes myntra provides all crystal clear report on his site.

Myntra affiliate fees structure –

Myntra does not out his direct affiliate program. You have to join some other affiliate network to provide commission. The commission structure of sale varies every network.

Different affiliate network pays a different commission to you for promoting Myntra products on your website, So you have to choose which network is suitable for you.

Affiliate Network Commission
Vcommission New user- 4.50%
Repeat user – 2%
Earnkaro New user- 5%

Reapeat user- 3%

Cuelinks New User – 3.90%
Old user 1.95%
Viglink New user- 5%
Repeat user 3%
Admitad New user – 5.90%
Repeat user -3%

Best affiliate network to join the Myntra affiliate program –

As I said Myntra does not release a direct affiliate program till now so you have to join some other affiliate chain network for join myntra affiliate program.

But do not worry about it I will help you. So every company has some minimum withdrawal amount limit so check before starting to go his website.

Most of the peoples and bloggers are using some affiliate network to join myntra affiliate program. So don’t worry I will give you a detailed explanation about these networks.

i recommend you some network please choose according to your need and interest

1)- Vcommision –

Vcommision is a trusted and popular affiliate network of India. Many YouTuber and blogger use this network to generate his income. So you can join this chain network to join myntra affiliate program.

Simply you go to the vcommision site and fill up the sign-up form. Once you sign up then after go and apply for affiliate approval. You must need to approval for myntra to promote the product.

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This network pays you 4.5% per sale for every new user and a 2% commission for every repeated user shop from your link.

2)- Earnkaro –

Earn Karo is the latest and trusted affiliate network chain. So many Indian YouTuber and blogger are using this network to join myntra affiliate program

myntra affiliate
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In this network, you also need approval for myntra. If myntra got approval to you so you promote their product. first, you go to earnkaro website and find the registration form. after you apply for approval.

This network pays you 5% per sale for every new user and a 3% commission for every repeated user shop from your link.

3)- Cuelinks –

It’s also one of the best networks to join myntra affiliate marketing network. You can easily join this and start your affiliate marketing join with instant approval.

Simply go to the Cuelinks official website and sign up with some essential documents. After sign up you go for instant myntra instant approval.

myntra affiliate
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After getting approved just promote myntra product and earn more money. This network pays you 3.90% per sale for every new user and a 1.90% commission for every repeated user shop from your link.

4) Viglink –

Viglink is a good network to start a myntra affiliate journey. So you simply sign up VigLink. network and apply for myntra approval.

When Myntra approves your request will be able to create and promote products on your website and earn money online.

myntra affiliate
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This network pays you 5% per sale for every new user and a 3% commission for every repeated user shop from your link.

5) Admitad –

This is also one of the best affiliate networks to join the myntra affiliate program. so many Youtuber and affiliate marketers used this to earn money more.

myntra affiliate
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simply you find the signup form in this site and register for approving. after approval you can simply create a link and promote myntra product.

This site gives you 5.90% for new users and repeated a 3% commission for every sale.

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Essential for joining myntra affiliate program –

There are some essential requirements for joining an affiliate marketing program. If you do not have this so you can not able to join this affiliate program –

  • First, you have a website.
  • Second, you have an address proof
  • After that, you must have a bank account for receive payments

Steps for joining Myntra affiliate program

  1. Create your website or blog and publish it
  2. Choose a niche for a product
  3. Write a quality post and publish it on your website.
  4. Myntra doesn’t have a direct affiliate campaign, so you have to join some affiliate network to become a Myntra affiliate.
  5. Signup with an affiliate network chain-like, Admitad, Vcommission and earn Karo or other networks.
  6. After getting approval from the affiliate network, apply to promote Myntra product.
  7. OnceMyntra approves your application, You create your an affiliate link and link on your blog post.
  8. Alternatively, Join Myntra affiliate with Cuelink & Earnkaro with instant approval

Tips to increase your Income from Myntra affiliate marketing –

There are some important tips for increasing your myntra affiliate income I will share with you or believe me friends if you follow these tips so your income will definitely increase.

  1. Choose your niche very carefully because niche will decide your blog’s future.
  2.  Choose your network according to your need and you’re prospective.
  3. write a high-quality post and provide the 100% value of your audience.
  4. Share your post on your social media platform because it will increase your website traffic.
  5. You should enough knowledge of the product which you want to promote so you should try to pick the products that are fully relevant to the content of your site
  6. Don’t break the trust of your audience.
  7. patience is most important in this field so be patient.
  8. Be consistent with your work.

My final through –

In the end, I will suggest my point of view listen to affiliate marketing is a very dynamic field if you want to work in this field so that amazing.

You can join any affiliate marketing platform like amazon affiliate, Flipkart affiliate, and myntra affiliate, etc. But one thing you always remember does hard work with proper planning.

Because hard work beats everything. Do you angry about this? So focus on your goal and do hard work. It not one day game it a journey.

So Enjoy it and focus on your goal.

Success does not come in one day but one day it will definately come

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