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Free and best way promote your affiliate links on google Ads

As You Know Affiliate marketing is a very dynamic field right now and at that time soo, many peoples are earning a lot and lots of money through affiliate marketing.

so today we will talk about can you use the Google AdWords for the Affiliate marketing because lots of peoples they want to do affiliate marketing but they very confused about the use of Google ads for affiliate marketing.

So today I will tell you the best answer to your all question related to affiliate marketing and google Adword and at the end, I will be told You how to promote affiliate links on google ads In a better way that’s why you earn more money at the spending less money.

Can You use Google Adwords for Affiliate marketing?

when we all want to do affiliate marketing the first question comes arise in your mind that is can we use Google ads for affiliate so that is the correct answer is Yes.

You can definitely use the Google ads for Promoting your Affiliate link but some Affiliate Program does not allow you to Promote their Affiliate Offer through the Google ads.

First You confirm which affiliate Programs Product you want to promote Either they allow Paid advertisement or not because if the affiliate platform does not allow you for paid promotion but You did this so the Affiliate program banned you at the lifetime.

Although in their maximum cases all the affiliate platforms allow you for google ads still you confirmed at once.

Why Should You Use Google Paid Ads?

Now the second thing that why do you need google paid ads because we can do affiliate marketing organically so that is the simple answer is at the right now most of the social platform reach is too low and the chance of the organically is very limited.

and it is very little chance than the rank of except keyword. So suppose that if you want to promote a digital marketing course so if you do this organically so it consumes more and more time and effort.

And it may be happening or not so the solution of this the google paid ads. You can Pay some amount of money to google and google will promote you on the top.

And you get results immediately under very little effort and time so yes after some we will talk about how to promote affiliate links on google ads in detail.

And one more things is there are lots of searches are going on google on daily basis but if you want to target a high competitive keyword so you do not rank easily in less time so you can use Google ads to promote your affiliate product.

How to promote affiliate links on google ads-

Now we will talk about how to promote affiliate links on google in a better way because most the affiliate marketer doing these mistakes

They are not able to promote their Affiliate link in a proper way on google ads and that’s the reason they paid lots of money there they generate sales on a very low budget on google ads.

But that is not an easy task but today I will guide you to you for how to promote affiliate link without a website so if you don’t have any website and you want to promote affiliate link so this is the right guide to you.

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Find Out Whether the Affiliate Program Allows Paid Ads-

As I said to you have to check which affiliate program is allowed to you for google ads or not because some affiliates do not allow you for google ads or paid ads.

But in the most of the cases, maximum affiliate program permits you for google ads but at once you have to check their terms and condition and Guidelines to promote their product.

Because some of the cases most of the peoples do not check it and after some time they got knew those affiliate platforms disallow the paid ads.

And at this condition, your money and time are all waste. So always check the platform guidelines and go ahead. For checking these guidelines you simply go to the company’s official website or Product Affiliate landing pages.

And one more important thing you always used a high-converting landing page to promote Affiliate links or an affiliate product.

Find Out Whether Google Adwords Accepts Your Industry.

So check the Affiliate platform as well as check the Google ads Policy Guidelines to promote those affiliate products. SO simply solve this error You can check the Google ads policy and guidelines.

Because If have any error that is google as does not Accept so your ads never approved on the Google ads and it seems sometimes that google ads Banned your ads account.

SO you need to check and accept both Policies like the Affiliate platform policy and google ads policy for the best result.

Create a Google Ads Account-

Now you need to create a Ads. Google account to know how to promote affiliate links on google ads to for that you simply go to the ads. google site and sign up and after that create a google advert account.

One more thing is for better optimization of your google ads campaign you need to target your keyword so first, research your keyword, and after that target your campaign for better campaign optimization.

Avoid Using Brand Terms-

For a safe and secure campaign, you never use the Brand keyword in your keyword targeting or in your whole campaign.

if you used the brand keyword in your campaign or ad so google policy does not approve your ads and it does not look sound good to use brand keywords in your ads.

Always start with a Small Amount-

One thing you always remember when you start your ads or campaign so you should always start with a small budget because the starting time is your testing time and at that time google ads doing some testing which is very beneficial to you.

and if start with a high budget so Google ads invest more money in testing and you will not get the best result and this testing time takes some time for optimization.

And when your ads running some time so you have to increase your budget gradually that’s why you will get the amazing result.

Is it safe to do affiliate marketing on Google Adwords?-

This is the best question for every new Affiliate marketer beginner that is Is it safe to do affiliate marketing on Google Adwords?

So this is the small answer is yes is it safe but if you do in under the Guidelines of Google Adwords or Affiliate programs this is not harmful.

But as I said that if any affiliate does not allow the google ads to promote their affiliate offer and you used there so that affiliate platform completely banned you.

And in maximum cases, most of the Affiliate network allows you for google ads to promote their product that is most.

Why Some Affiliate network does not allow the Google ads to promote their product-

As I said that is some of the affiliate networks does not allow you to google ads or advertisement so what is its reason and Why Some Affiliate network does not allow the Google ads for promoting their product. so that is the simple answer is that the product brand runs its own ads for this product.

And they never want to you runs ads on the same product because if you do this so the company will spend more money to one-click due to increasing competition on the google ads.

And the other thing is the company brand value creates some confusion in the mind of the customer because when they see multiple ads of one product.

Final Thought-

I hope you got my point about how to promote affiliate links on google ads and also you know very well about the can you use google ads for promoting the Affiliate product.

So if you all doubt clear about how to promote affiliate links on google ads and is it google ads save or not to you for promoting affiliate link of your product.

If you also have any doubt or suggestions about how to promote affiliate links on google ads so comment below.

And if you liked this post so please share this post with your friends and family and I am very thankful to you for reading this post.

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