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Pro tricks to earn money from paytm affiliate program

Hello friends you and most of the people know about paytm.paytm is the most popular site in India. Do you earn money from Paytm affiliate?

So if you are interested in this topic and if you want to make money online so in this article I will provide you the complete information about it.

Do you know what is the Paytm affiliate program and how do you register in this affiliate program? Maybe in a program called Paytm mall affiliate program.

so if you are interested so hold your set and tight your belt and read this article carefully till the end. So without wasting your time let get started.

What is the Paytm affiliate program –

You know about many websites like Flipkart amazon mantra and many more sites which sell products. so they provide an opportunity to earn money to the public.

In this opportunity you can join his company and promote their product to your audience or friends and when someone buys a product through a link.

So they will provide some certain amount and percentage of all the website Paytm provides this opportunity to earn money.

So further information on how you can resister the Paytm affiliate program and make money online we are discussing in this article.

The first thing I cleared here Paytm affiliate program and Paytm mall affiliate are the don’t confuse between bo0th of them.

Why you should join the Paytm affiliate program –

Paytm trust –

We all know Paytm is an Indian trusted payment and e-commerce site. So so many Indian people are trusting in it and use it.

Soo many YouTubers and bloggers are using this affiliate program and earn a lot of this is the reason to join this network.


Paytm does not a huge collection of the product but there is many products collection which you can promote on your network.

How you can register for the Paytm affiliate program –

You have seen when you join some affiliate program like amazon affiliate and Flipkart affiliate so first, you sign up their program.

After signup, your account and website will be reviewed by their team, and after that when they approved you so you can promote their product and earn money.

Here is two methods or way to join Paytm affiliate program that is

  1. By the Third-party network
  2. second of the direct Paytm mall affiliate program

Essential requirements for joining the Paytm affiliate program –

  • When you join by the third party network so you need a website, address proof, and a bank account,
  • When you join the direct Paytm mall affiliate program so you need a verified Paytm account with KYC.

Step to join by the using of the third party network –

Most of the cases some industry does not provide a direct affiliate program so we can join those company affiliate program in this third party platform.

So we join this platform and promote their company product. By choosing those companies. Here I will tell you some affiliate network to join.

This network provides you a certain amount of commission. Some trusted  network name is

Affiliate Network Commission
Vcommission New user- 4.50%
Repeat user – 2%
Earnkaro New user- 5%

Repeat user- 3%

Cuelinks New User – 3.90%
Old user 1.95%
Viglink New user- 5%
Repeat user 3%
Admitad New user – 5.90%
Repeat user -3%

So If you want to know about these platforms in detail so you can click here.

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I have explained in detail already But I give you a short explanation. First, you have to go to the official site of these networks.

After that, you find a signup form with some information. After sign up you go for approval Some sites give you instant approval so you go and check.

When they approved you so you can create your link and promote the particular company product

How you can join direct through Paytm mall affiliate program –

Now you can join the Paytm affiliate program directly.and interesting things that you can not fill any registration to join this.

Only you have a Paytm account with full KYC Or you must have a Paytm mall app. Now with the help of this, you can easily join this and doing Paytm affiliate marketing.

 Steps for how you can earn money from the Paytm affiliate program

To earn money from Paytm affiliate, you do not need any registration process you just simply have a Paytm account

with KYC.

paytm affiliate
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You follow some simple steps to earn money from the Paytm affiliate program so let get started

STEP: 1)Frist you can open a Paytm account or you can use the Paytm mall app.

STEP: 2) Now signup or login to your Paytm account on your mobile phone or laptop.

STEP: 3) Then after search the product which can you want to sell on the search bar, let suppose that you won’t promote a mobile phone.

paytm affiliate
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Now you go to the search bar and write a mobile phone.

STEP:4) After searching you will see so many lists of mobile will come in front of you on your mobile phone.

paytm affiliate
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STEP:5)Now searching is completed so you can pick up a mobile phone which can you promote in the affiliate program.

STEP:6) After that you will see the all details of those mobile phones then you scroll down and find the share option.

So along with the share option, you will find all the details of how much commission you will get and product review.

STEP:7) Now you simply click on the share button and share with who one you want and when they will buy through your link so you will get a commission in your Paytm wallet.

So now in this method, you can earn money through Paytm affiliate without any registration. So many peoples who have a huge potential audience.

They earn a good amount of money through affiliate marketing. So where would you start?

Can you really earn money through Paytm affiliate?

This question came in a lot of people’s minds that you can earn money through Paytm mall affiliate so this answer is yes.

One thing I want to clear you if you promote any product so when someone buys those links so you will get a commission definitely.

When someone buys a product so commission automatically deposited in your Paytm wallet.but one condition is always applied you will get a commission if buying product will not be returned.

Suppose you sell a product but it will return a certain period of time so why the company will pay you a commission. I think you got it better.

How Much you can earn from Paytm affiliate marketing-

If you have this question in your mind so I would like to clear one thing at this time affiliate marketing is his bombing stage.

so If you have a potential audience who buys your product so there is no limit to how you can earn money through the Paytm mall affiliate.

I have seen a lot of affiliate marketers who earning thousand or even lacs of rupees on a single day.,Buy this for you to have a potential audience.

Tips for Paytm affiliate marketing –

If you want to earn money through affiliate marketing and you are a new person s0 one thing you always remember never compared to others.

You compared yourself to those people who are doing affiliate marketing in 10 years and you think I will achieve in one month or one year so that’s not possible.

The second thing is your patience. Friend this is not one day game. If you come with this mindset that you will start today and earn a lot of money the next day or next month.

So my friends this is not for you affiliate marketing just like a business its not a quickie money patience is most important.

The last thing is hard work you now friends hard work beats everything. Sometimes you will look things will not work according to your efforts.

So at that time never lose your hope and keep doing hard work with your dram. After some time you will see things will start working in your favor.

The final thought of this article –

In this article, you learned about what is Paytm affiliate, How you can register for Paytm affiliate marketing, how you can earn from the Paytm affiliate program, and some tips required for affiliate marketing.

I hope you like this article and you learned something new from this article. So if you learn this article so please share this article with your friends and relatives.

If you learn more so reads more articles on my website.

 “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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