What is Intraday Trading
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What is Intraday Trading with best example.

What is Intraday Trading?Hello friends, welcome all of you to our blog! Which person is there in today’s time who does not want to earn more and more money?

Due to which today all the people are earning money in a strange way and some people are earning money by investing their money.

So in this post I will explain everthing about Intraday Trading and also i will give you an example So that you can understand it easily, Also i will tell you what is the best time to do Intraday trading.

So that you can easily double your money by investing your money in intraday trading.

That’s why you must stay in this post from beginning to end! So that you can also earn a lot of money by investing your money in intraday trading.

What is intraday trading:

So here i want to tell you Trading is one type of market Where we can invest our money only for one day!

In the middle of this one day, you have to earn profit by selling your shares. It’s called intraday trading.

If we say this in simple words, then intraday trading is that trading, where we buy shares of a company at 9:15 in the morning and by 3:15 in the afternoon, we have to earn profit by selling that purchased share. It’s called intraday trading.

Intraday Trading Meaning:

In intraday trading, we buy shares of any company at a low price and when its price increases, we have to sell it and take profit from it.

It’s called intraday trading. Remember in this intraday trading, you can keep all your shares with you for one day only! In this trading, you cannot keep your bought shares with you for a long time.

Who is Trader:

If you get about the Intraday trading then you have got some idea about the Trader So A trader is a person who earns profit by investing or trading his money in the stock market, is called trader.

Best Intraday Trading Tips:

If you want to invest in intraday trading, then you have to make some strategy first of all! So that you can save your time and money even more.

  • Before investing, do good research about any market and company.
  • Staying away from volatile stocks! If you have complete and good information about it, then only you should invest in these stocks.
  • Choose High Liquidity Stocks!
  • Keep yourself updated with the stock market!
  • Never invest all your money in one stock at a time.

Intraday Trading Rules :

If you want to become a Good Trader then you have to know about some Trading Rules and Follow them.

There are some following rules for intraday trading on which you should pay special attention.

  • Don’t always go according to the previous market!
  • Always take your steps wisely, do not get affected by the boom of the market!
  • Choose such stocks, which are freely available to all the people i.e. the public.
  • Do take the advice of some experts.
  • Make a plan before trading.

What is Stop Lose:

In stop loss, we target our shares at such a price, when the rate of the share comes to your target set price, then it automatically sells, this process we know by the name of stop loss.
I hope, all of you must have understood very well what is intraday trading, intraday trading strategy, intraday trading tips! If you still have any question in your mind, then you can definitely tell us in the comments! We are very happy to answer all your comments.

How to Earn Money From Intraday Trading:

When you knew about the Intraday trading then second things comes how to earn money from intraday trading.

To earn money from intraday trading, first of all you should know about the basic of share market.

So that you can put your invested money in the right place. First of all you have to buy the shares of a company.

Now you have to wait for the value of your share to increase, as soon as the value of your share increases, then you sell it immediately! By doing this you can book a margin for yourself.

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You can also use stop loss if you want to avoid your margin and loss. Remember, do not fall in the greed of your high profit! By not doing this, you can make the best profit for yourself.

FAQ-What is intraday trading

1. What is Intraday Trading?

Ans: In intraday trading, we can keep any stock with us for a day and have to book and sell our shares with profit on the same day. This process is called intraday trading.

2. What is the Time period of Intraday Trading?

Ans: The time period of intraday trading is from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm. In the middle of which you have to buy and sell shares!

3. What is the minimum amount you can invest in the stock market?

Ans:To start trading you need at least Rs 500 and there is no maximum limit.

My Final Thought-What is Intraday Trading

If you Read this post till here then you have got all information about Intraday Trading, Also you have learned about Traders, and how to earn money from intraday Trading.

If you learned something valuable from this post then you can share this post with your friends and family.

You can also write your advice in the comment box.

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